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Informer Training Overview

Baldwin Wallace University Information Technology provides basic training of Informer, BW's web based report writing tool for Colleague, EMAS and other BW database systems. The Informer Training Course instructs in accessing reports previously developed for specific needs or general information. Creating reports and making customizations to existing reports. Class examples are limited to Colleague data, but the practices can be applied to other systems on campus that Informer interfaces.

Baldwin Wallace does not charge for the Informer training.
Informer training provides a hands-on learning experience in reporting on Colleague data.
How can I get it?
  • Sign up when classes are announced
  • Contact the Manager of Administrative IT if specific date is desired.

  • NOTE: Must have at least 2 interested parties for a class to be scheduled.
Related Policies
  • Access to sensitive information requires approval by related department or data steward.
  • FERPA requirements apply & must be reviewed before access is granted.
  • Staff access is limited to modules used by their department or needed for their job.
  • Faculty access is limited to advisors, department heads, etc. that need access to general student data.

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