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Faculty & Staff Telephone Service Overview

All campus offices and buildings have access to BW ShoreTel phone system.

Currently there is no cost for this service.
Who can get it?
Telephone service is provided by Baldwin Wallace University IT department to all faculty and staff in university buildings and offices.
Service Level Agreement
  • Each new phone request may take 1 to 2 weeks for completion.

How do I ...?

  • Log In: Internal (On Campus from different phone)
    • From another extension, press # #, after enter extension, enter passcode followed by # key. Then follow prompts.

  • Log In: External (From Outside Campus)
    • Call the voicemail access number 440-826-7400, enter extension, enter passcode, and press #. Follow the prompts.

  • Your default voicemail passcode is 1234# you will then be prompted to create your own 4-digit passcode for the voicemail system.

  • To request new service, moves, additional lines, or changes to existing telephone service, please contact IT Support Services at (440) 826-7000.

    A detailed description of the work to be done will be needed. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for order completion.

  • When the repair of telephone service, voicemail, or telephone equipment is needed, please call IT Support Services (440) 826-7000.

On your iOS device or iPhone

  • Touch the Settings icon
  • Touch the Mail, Contacts, Calendars setting
  • Touch Add Account
  • Touch Exchange

    • Enter your BW Email address in the Email field
    • Enter your BW Email password in the Password field
    • Provide a description of this email account
      EXAMPLE: BW Email)

  • Touch Next

  • NOTE: You may need to provide additional information to have your iOS device read your email.
  • Enter outlook.office365.com in the Server field
  • Enter your BW Email address in the Username field
  • Touch Next

  • You will have to select which applications you would like to sync between your iOS device and your BW Email.

    Your iOS device is configured to read your BW Email. It may take several minutes for messages to appear in your inbox. If you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, please contact IT Support Services 440.826.7000 or email helpdesk@bw.edu or tweet @BW_HelpDesk.

On your Android device
  • Touch Applications
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Accounts
  • Touch Add Account

  • NOTE: You may have to select Manual Setup at this point depending on your Android version
  • Touch Exchange or Corporate for the mail-type option
    • Type your full email address including @bw.edu
    • Type your BW Email password in the password field
  • Touch Next

  • Note: If the options do not appear the same, you may have to try Manual setup.

    To make changes to the setting, use the following information

    • Username: Use your full BW email address
    • Password: Use your BW email password
    • Server: Use outlook.office365.com
    • Use secure connection (SSL) - (Checked)
    • Domain: If prompted for a domain enter bw.edu

  • You will be asked to provide security permissions for this connection. Select Ok if a Remote Security Administration Box appears.
  • Select all of the features you would like synced between your Android device and your BW email account and select
  • Touch Next
  • Name your account your BW email address again if you wish
  • Touch Done

  • Your BW email is now set up. From the home screen, tap Applications > Email . Your BW email should appear now.

Your Android smartphone is configured to read your BW E-mail. If you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 440.826.7000 or email helpdesk@bw.edu or tweet @BW_HelpDesk.

You can conference up to three parties into a single call.

  • Dial the Extension of the Party You Would Like to Conference:
    1. 1. You can either dial the number and press the "Confrn" soft key to ring the party directly

    2. OR

    3. 2. Dial the number and press the Conslt soft key to speak with the recipient before ringing him or her into the conference call.

  • After the consultation:
    1. press the "Yes" soft key to complete the conference call

    2. OR

    3. press the "Cancel" soft key to return to the original two-party call.

  • Repeat to Add Additional Parties to the Conference Call
  • After a conference is established, you can use the "Show" soft key to display all conference parties. If you wish to disconnect a party, scroll to the party's entry and press the "Drop" soft key.

You can use the ShoreTel Communicator program on a personally owned laptop, however your antivirus program must have an exception to allow ShoreTel Communicator to run without blocking it. Your firewall will need to be disabled or an exception must be made to allow ShoreTel Communitor traffic to pass through it.

  • Download ShoreTel Communicator from ShoreTel Communicator Client Installation

  • Please Note that you must be on the Baldwin Wallace Campus and connected to the Baldwin Wallace Wireless Network to download.

    The download process will take about 3-5 minutes.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that you will not be able to use the Communicator at your home. It will only work within the BW Network.