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Student Telephone Service Overview

Telephone service is available upon request in most BW Residence Halls. Student must provide a corded or cordless telephone (900mhz or above) to campus for use in their room. Students must submit a request to have service to their wall jack turned on. Voicemail is also available with this service.

Currently there is no cost involve for this service.
NOTE: Students must provide their own telephone and phone cord.
Who can get it?
Telephone service is provided by Baldwin Wallace University IT department in most student residence halls upon request.
How can I get it?

How do I ...?

On your iOS device or iPhone
  • Touch the Settings icon
  • Touch the Mail, Contacts, Calendars setting
  • Touch Add Account
  • Touch Exchange

    • Enter your BW Email address in the Email field
    • Enter your BW Email password in the Password field
    • Provide a description of this email account
      EXAMPLE: BW Email)

  • Touch Next

  • NOTE: You may need to provide additional information to have your iOS device read your email.
  • Enter outlook.office365.com in the Server field
  • Enter your BW Email address in the Username field
  • Touch Next

  • You will have to select which applications you would like to sync between your iOS device and your BW Email.

    Your iOS device is configured to read your BW Email. It may take several minutes for messages to appear in your inbox. If you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, please contact IT Support Services 440.826.7000 or email helpdesk@bw.edu or tweet @BW_HelpDesk.

On your Android device
  • Touch Applications
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Accounts
  • Touch Add Account

  • NOTE: You may have to select Manual Setup at this point depending on your Android version
  • Touch Exchange or Corporate for the mail-type option
    • Type your full email address including @mail.bw.edu
    • Type your BW Email password in the password field
  • Touch Next

  • Note: If the options do not appear the same, you may have to try Manual setup.

    To make changes to the setting, used the following information

    • Username: Use your full BW email address
    • Password: Use your BW email password
    • Server: Use outlook.office365.com
    • Use secure connection (SSL) - (Checked)
    • Domain: If prompted for a domain enter bw.edu

  • You will be asked to provide security permissions for this connection. Select Ok if a Remote Security Administration Box appears.
  • Select all of the features you would like synced between your Android device and your BW email account and select
  • Touch Next
  • Name your account your BW email address again if you wish
  • Touch Done

  • Your BW email is now set up. From the home screen, tap Applications > Email . Your BW email should appear now.

Your Android smartphone is configured to read your BW E-mail. If you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 440.826.7000 or email helpdesk@bw.edu or tweet @BW_HelpDesk.

Students who wish to receive BW Text Message Alerts need to have their cell phone numbers registered in Colleague before they can start receiving text alerts.   Most students register their cell phone number during the required Semester Check-In process; however there are some students who “opp out” of this service or fail to complete the check-in process altogether. If students want to begin receiving BW text messages, follow these steps to add their cell phone number to their student record.

  • Log in to Colleague
  • Navigate to the Name and Address Entry (NAE) screen
  • Type the Student ID Number or the full name of the student in the Person LookUp field
  • Click OK
  • On the NAE screen, search for Phone/Ext/Type field
  • Click on the number 1 on the Phone/Ext/Type field

  • Click the Insert button when the Select Table Operation to Perform box appears

  • Type the full 10 digit cell phone number
  • Press Enter
  • Press Enter to skip the extension field and move to Type
  • Click the drop down arrow and select CELL Cell Phone
  • Click Save

The cell phone number has been entered and text message alerts will be sent to this student.