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W2 Phishing Warning

The Baldwin Wallace Human Resources Department has been informed about a potential phishing scam that could impact Baldwin Wallace.

The scam starts with a legitimate looking email regarding W-2s, typically and purportedly by all appearances “from” a high-level employee in Baldwin Wallaces Human Resources, Finance or Payroll Departments.

The email contains a link to an apparently credible survey or electronic signature request. At the end of the scam “survey,” employees are asked to supply their complete login credentials for the alleged purpose of authenticating their identity.

By providing your Baldwin Wallace Credentials, BW Employees expose themselves and Baldwin Wallace to substantial cybersecurity risks.

In addition, the hackers then use the stolen credentials to divert employee payroll direct deposits to alternate bank accounts. The scam, if successful, causes serious financial losses, data breach notification obligations, and a panoply of other issues.

If receive such an email, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.