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Classroom Media Carts Overview

Every teaching classroom at BW has a media cart, projector or TV, and audio equipment. Each cart is configured for the needs of the room, building, department, and university and may vary slightly from room to room.


This service is provided to all Faculty and Student and is available in all teaching spaces.


Software for classrooms is requested in the Spring of each year for installation over the summer. Typically changes are not made to classroom computers or media carts unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please contact the BW helpdesk for any issues on classroom media carts.

How to get it?

To setup or upgrade a Media Cart, request through the capital budget process. To Request enhancements or any problems, please contact IT Support Services.


This service allows an instructor to Present and record, display and play back material for the support of teaching and learning.


Recommended: Training for the classroom media carts can be viewed below.

How to use a classroom media carts