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TechSmith Relay Overview

TechSmith Relay provides the ability to create and share knowledge, on and off campus. From lecture capture to designing engaging online courses, professors will love creating content anytime, even with their mobile devices.


TechSmith Relay is a free service available on any classroom media cart computer or from http://camtasia.bw.edu.

Who can get it?

TechSmith Relay is provided by Baldwin Wallace IT to all faculty.

How to get it?

Login to http://camtasia.bw.edu


TechSmith Relay let you record, manage and share videos of course lecturers from anywhere with an internet connection.


Recommended: Training videos can be found at:

Frequently Asked Questions


To record a presentation:

* Launch Camtasia Relay.

* Log in with your username and password (your normal B-W username and password).

* Select the profile Real Server - this will upload to the Real Server and send you a link.

* Click the Audio Device button and select an audio device in the Select Audio Device dialog box.

* Select which display to record if using a projector displaying a different screen or multiple displays.

* Enter a presentation title and description.

* Make a test recording to verify that you are recording from the correct display and audio device.

* Click the Record button. The recorder is minimized to the system tray.

* Give your presentation. Camtasia Relay records everything on your screen and the selected audio device.

* Stop recording using a hotkey or right-click the icon in the system tray or dock. There may be a delay as the recording is finalized. The recording opens in the Camtasia Relay Review window. 

* If needed, click Trimming to set trim points to cut out extra video at the beginning and end of the presentation. 

* Click the Submit button.

       - If you are connected to the Internet, the presentation starts uploading to the Camtasia Relay server.

       - If you are not connected to the Internet, the recording automatically starts uploading when you connect to the Internet. You do not receive notice when your presentation begins uploading.

      - After you submit a presentation for upload, you cannot access it or view its status on your computer. Instead, you can Check the Status of Your Presentation on the Camtasia Relay website.

Welcome to Camtasia Relay, BW’s new lecture capture recorder.


Steps to get started:

* Faculty and Staff can request a lecture capture account by contacting the BW Helpdesk. A ticket will be created for the Educational Technology staff and a member of the staff will create the account and contact you with further instructions.

* If you are getting this information as an email, your account has been created!

* Watch the following video:  http://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-camtasia-relay-current.html

* Review the Quick Card

* Launch the recorder, and log in using your normal username and password.

* Follow the instructions on the following Quick Card (See above)

If you have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, you can also download Fuse for Camtasia Relay and ScreenChomp. Fuse allows you to record video and upload it to the B-W course capture solution (only on the BW network right now). You can also upload video from your video library (included edited videos!). ScreenChomp is a writing tool that allows you to record your own "whiteboard" and is hosted off site. Both are FREE!  Search for "Fuse for Camtasia" or "ScreenChomp" in the App Store.


You’re done!