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Blackboard Organizations Overview

Baldwin Wallace Information Technology provides or creates Blackboard Organizations to be used by department, faculty, staff or student organization for activities that are in support of the educational, research or administrative mission of the University. Blackboard Organizations allow authorized participants who have BW Blackboard Accounts to access documents and collaborate with other organization participants in a sceure-access environment.

It shares the same layout, tools and features as Blackboard courses, however an organization cannot be used for course credit earning activities.


Blackboard Organizations are a free service offered to Baldwin Wallace University

Who can get it?

Blackboard Organizations can only be requested by a member of the BW Faculty or Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling Participants in an Organization

Once an organization is created, the instructor/leader determines how to enroll participants: manually or through self-enrollment.

Manual Enrollment

  1. To set up an organization for manual enrollment, go to the Control Panel inside the organization and choose Customization > Enrollment Options.

  2. Select ‘Instructor/System Administrator.’ ‘Allow Students to Email Enrollment Requests to the Instructor’ is optional. This option allows participants to email the instructor/leader with enrollment requests.

  3. Click Submit. The organization is now set up for manual enrollment

  4. Leaders can now add participants by going to the Control Panel (lower left side) and selecting Users and Groups > Users.

  5. Click the ‘Find Users to Enroll’ button at the top of the screen

  6. Enter the person’s username in ‘Username’ field and select an appropriate role from the dropdown. (Multiple IDs can be added here, separated by commas.) Make sure ‘Enrollment Availability’ is set to ‘Yes’ and click Submit.

  7. The participants will now be added to the organization and should show up in the ‘Users’ list.
  8. Manually added participants can now access the organization in the ‘My Organizations’ module on the ‘My Institution’ or ‘Community’ tab, when they log in to Blackboard.