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SharePoint Overview

SharePoint provides a Microsoft Office-like interface for online document and file management as well as collaboration tools for the campus. Users can use it from nearly any device to store, organize, share, and access information. This allow for collaboration and file management and sharing to members of the Baldwin Wallace community from on and off campus. SharePoint access is also built into Microsoft Office allowing users the ability to access and edit documents directly within Office applications.

Network Services maintains and configures the backend infrastructure and creates sites for users and groups requesting sites. Requesting users and groups then have the ability to add other users at will to the site as well as configure and personalize the site without the need for IT involvement.


Microsoft SharePoint is a free service offered to Baldwin Wallace University

Who can get it?

Microsoft SharePoint service is provided by Baldwin Wallace Information Technology to all Faculty & Staff who request a SharePoint Site.

How to get it?

Faculty & Staff can request a SharePoint site be created for their department. To request a room, submit request to IT Support Services

Once a site is created, you will receive an email containing the site address and "Getting Started" instructions on how to use and administer the site.

IMPORTANT: Users needing access to the service MUST have a Baldwin Wallace account. For security reasons, SharePoint is not accessible to users without a Baldwin Wallace account.

Frequently Asked Questions