Export Your Microsoft Outlook Contacts

To move your BW Microsoft Outlook Contacts to your Gmail account, export your Outlook contact to a comma-separated file (CSV), which Gmail will use to import.


STEP 1: Sign in to your BW Email account at email.bw.edu with your BW Credentials.

STEP 2: Click the People icon (formally known as contacts), located along the left side menu.



STEP 3: Click Manage Contacts in the top ribbon bar on the People page.



STEP 4: Click Export contacts from the drop-down menu.



STEP 5: A pop-up box will appear; click the Export button at the bottom of this window.



Your contacts are now exported and downloaded to a file called contact.csv. You will use this file to import your contact into your Gmail account.



Import Your Contacts in Gmail

STEP 1. Sign in to your Gmail account with your Google credentials. 

NOTE: If you do not have a Gmail account, please look at the How Do I Create a Gmail Account knowledge article. 


STEP 2: Click the Google Apps icon represented as nine dots in the Gmail menu bar.

STEP 3: Search for and click Contacts from the Google Apps menu.



STEP 4: The Gmail contact menu will open; click Import contacts.



STEP 5: A file window will open; search for the contacts.csv file exported from your Outlook email.



STEP 6: Now that the file is selected, click Import to begin importing your BW Contacts



Your BW Contacts have now been imported to your Gmail.