The Baldwin Wallace University IT department provides many computing and information technology services which are designed to ensure students' academic success.

Services Cost Involved Features
There is no cost involved for the Student Gaming Network Service.
  • Connect your game console (Xbox, Playstation, Wii U ...etc) to the BW Game Network.
  • Connect your wireless enabled devices (smart televisions, blu-ray players, appleTV, Ruku ...ect) to the BW Game Network.
There is no cost involved for accessing the Student Wireless Network.
  • Network connectivity for all wireless devices. Allowing users to connect BW owned devices or personally owned devices that support BW Network requirements and connect to the internet without a wired connection.
There is no cost involved to access Microsoft Office 365.
  • Access to full version of Microsoft Office 365 Production Suite that can be installed on up to 5 separate computers (including Macs)
  • Access to iOS & Android Office mail app
  • Access to Office 365 offline
  • OneDrive cloud storage & sharing with unlimited storage
The cost will vary depending on the type of service selected.
  • The IT Support Desk offers several computer service options to registered students.
  • All services are performed by IT Support Services located in room 106 of the Ritter Library.
There is no cost involved for using the Student Basic Cable TV Services - Premium channels will have additional costs.
  • A basic cable package is provided to all residential students.
There is no cost involved for using the Virtual Desktops.
  • Access to campus applications and IT offered services available anywhere. No additional software required.
  • Ability to utilize local USB devices, such as USB drives, printers or scanners from personal computer. Additional software is required.
There is no cost for using the Baldwin Wallace University Computer Labs.
  • Campus computer lab locations & software.