Teaching & Learning Technologies


The Baldwin Wallace University Education Technology Team provides a large number of services to improve and facilitate teaching and learning on campus.

Services Who is eligible? Features
  • All-in-one solution that includes customized online web classroom environments, voice over IP, recording, and various web classroom tools.
  • Record lectures as they happen, or prerecord video lessons from the comfort of your home. Capture learning in the moment with your mobile device, on and off campus.
  • The iTunes U app lets students enroll in a course and download all of the materials they need when they are connected to Wi-Fi — which means learning and studying can happen anywhere, at any time with just an iPad.
Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Key features include: Uploading PPT and other types of files, cloud application, no software to download, share and discuss using audio and text, mobile device access, integration with Blackboard and your own BW username and password scheme, accessibility features, closed captioning, universal reader, analytics.
Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Features include auto-dialing, camera controls, sharing of desktop, video monitors, and self-service.

  • Room with Video Conferencing Capabilities

    BW Main Campus

    • Kamm 101
    • Kamm Boardroom
    • Wheeler 206
    • CIG Boardroom

    BW at Corporate College East

    • Room 115
    • Room 118
  • Cart, computer, projector, DVD player, speaker, microphones.
  • Work with a professional instructional designer to identify solutions, create assessment and teaching tools, develop course maps, and more.
  • Integrated through Blackboard, faculty score student’s work to support institutional assessment.
Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Training on 250+ applications, including Microsoft® Office, Adobe® Creative Cloud, a variety of career skills and more.
  • Specialized Learning Management System training (LMS) on Blackboard Learn™ and Moodle™
  • Ability to assign and recommend training to various users and user groups in Blackboard.
  • Student-focused and pedagogical workshops on the effective use of technology.
  • 508 compliant with training on assistive technology to help create a barrier-free campus.
  • Certificates of completion and robust reporting to monitor activity and track progress.
  • Skill Assessments to help gauge the knowledge and skills of both instructors and students.
  • Career Skills provide the soft skills training needed for academic and career growth.
  • Allows for the creation, editing, and publishing of videos. Online and app access to the editing tools from mobile devices.
  • Moodle includes such things as portfolios, student previews, class group management, grading, discussion boards, social learning, calendars, surveys, rubrics, and more.
Students & Faculty
  • Poll Everywhere is a web-based system that can be used both in and outside of the classroom to create multiple-choice or open-answer polls.
Students, Faculty & Staff
  • Campus Pack products offer another interface which instructors often prefer. Campus Pack products also have the option to be shared publicly, so others outside of BW can share the information, or participate, if desired.