Click here to download the Baldwin Wallace University Vehicle & Parking Regulations.


The money generated by all parking fines is transferred to a student scholarship fund and does not benefit the operation of the Parking Department or Baldwin Wallace University.

For the safety of everyone on campus, any individual may request an escort from Security at any time. Security can be reached at 440 826-2336 from any phone or 2336 from any campus phone. Please let the dispatcher know your location and destination. A uniformed Security Officer will escort you to your destination. 



Vehicle and parking regulations of Baldwin Wallace University have been established:

  • To facilitate the safe and orderly operation of vehicles.
  • For the protection of all persons and property on the University campus.
  • Are formulated to best utilize the roadways and parking areas for the benefit of the campus community.
  • Please always give emergency access to all parts of the campus.

All faculty, staff, students, and vendors are required to register and display a permit in any vehicle operated or parked on Baldwin Wallace University property which is within their control, regardless of the length of time on campus. One parking permit is issued to each person. All outside contractors or any person visiting the BW campus may be required to register their vehicle to update our records in iParq. This includes 15-minute parking.

All parking permits are nontransferable. Any person who provides false information, registers a vehicle belonging to another student, illegally sells, transfers, alters, reproduces, or uses a permit not intended for his/her use may be subject to a fine of $200.00, disciplinary action as well as possible towing or immobilizing (booting) of the vehicle. This could also result in loss of parking privileges and forfeiture of all parking permit fees. 

  • All parking citations can be paid online. Click here to pay a parking citation.
  • Credit card payments can be made online. Click here to make a credit card payment.

Baldwin Wallace University Campus Access Services, along with the Security Department, is responsible for managing the vehicle and parking regulations, policies, and enforcement.


Baldwin Wallace University has numerous parking lots located across campus. There is ample parking, but having a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space near your residency, class, office, or workplace. The responsibility for finding a permissible parking space lies with the vehicle operator, and the inability to find a permitted space will not be accepted as justification for violating any of the enforced parking regulations.


Parking Regulations are in effect 24/7

I. Definitions:

Campus: All property controlled by Baldwin Wallace University, including but not limited to lands and facilities owned, leased, or rented by the university.

Campus Access Services: Located in Strosacker Hall (Student Union), first floor, handles all parking and Jacket Express Card issues.

BW Parking Permits: Temporary, handicapped and permanent issued by Campus Access Services and the Health Center.

University Security Department: Located on the north side of campus at 296 Beech Street (across from the North Hall and next to the Packard Center).

Motor Vehicles: All self-propelled vehicles (i.e., trucks, vans, automobiles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, scooters) regardless of fuel source.

Service & Delivery Vehicles: Vehicles authorized by the university and actively engaged in providing service to campus buildings or grounds.

Students: All persons who have enrolled at Baldwin Wallace University from the time of their initial enrollment through their graduation or official withdrawal from the institution (including periods when classes are not in session, or the individual is not registered for course work).

Commuters: All students enrolled as a graduate, post-secondary, and undergraduate residing off the main campus.

Resident Students: All students living on-campus in residence halls or BW campus owned houses.

Employees: All full-time or part-time members of the faculty or staff.

Freshman Student: any student with less than 25 credit hours.

Guest: Any person visiting an employee or student on campus. This does not include current faculty, staff, students or vendors. Guests may park in unrestricted student or employee parking, or any spots marked as guests.

Visitor: Any person not a personal guest of an employee or student. Visitors must make every attempt to park in visitor spots.

Visitor Parking Spots: Are to be used by visitors only. This does not include current faculty, staff, students, vendors, student guests, or employee guests.

Apartments Resident: Those students who currently live in the following buildings: Hamilton, Townhouses, Floreske, Amelia Harding, and 137 E. Bridge


II. Motor Vehicle Registration:

A. General Registration Procedures
Employees: Upon employment with the University, please apply online at: Two emails will be sent after the application. The first will let you know when the permit has been approved, and the second when the permit has been activated. You'll be able to pick up your permit at Campus Access Services only after you receive the second email stating the permit has been activated. Employee permits are issued every three years.

Students: Each year, an email will be sent letting you know when you can apply for a permit. You can then apply online at Two emails will be sent after the application. The first will let you know when the permit has been approved, and the second when the permit has been activated. You'll be able to pick up your permit at Campus Access Services only after you receive the second email stating the permit has been activated. A parking tag must be obtained each year and valid only for the academic year it is purchased.

Those who move their permit frequently between vehicles may purchase clear plastic pouches for permit display. These pouches are available from Campus Access Services at a nominal cost. 


B. Parking Permit Guidelines

  1. One parking permit will be issued to each person registering a vehicle and may be displayed in any vehicle subsequently registered and utilized by that person on campus. That person will be responsible for notifying the Campus Access Services office of any vehicle registration change within 24 hours.
  2. A parking permit must be affixed to the interior, lower left-hand corner of the driver’s side front windshield. Permits must be clearly and entirely visible. Permit can never be left on the dashboard or considered improperly displayed and subject to a citation.
  3. Most Campus Visitors should receive a temporary parking permit from their visiting department. This does not include guests of students. A permit may not be required in certain circumstances, but an alert may be placed on your vehicle. This allows traffic enforcement staff to identify the vehicle and not issue a citation readily. Other than for open, university-sponsored events (i.e., athletic events, concerts, etc.), guests not registered may be ticketed, booted, or towed and shall bear responsibility for any associated costs.
    If you attend an invitation-only department-led event, you should receive a temporary permit to display in your vehicle. If you receive a citation, please email us at or call 440-826-2410 so we can waive your citation.
  4. Guests of students may park in the closest available general student parking lot. Check carefully to avoid lots that are designated as no parking, 2 am - 7:30 am. If your guests receive a ticket in a general student lot, please print and sign your name, and university number on the back of the ticket. Tickets must be presented in person to Campus Access Services - Parking Services. A request may be made of some “guests†or students’ visitors for proof of ownership. All students are responsible for their guests and the citations they receive. Any guest's citations not appealed may be the student's responsibility and be applied to their student account for payment.
  5. Temporary handicap permits for physical or health-related problems can be obtained from the Health Center for two weeks. Any time exceeding two weeks, you must apply for a handicap permit at the DMV. You must have a valid BW parking permit to use a temporary handicap permit.
  6. Permits are only valid when displayed and for the specific time frame issued.
  7. Permits are not transferable between persons.
  8. Parking permits are the property of Baldwin Wallace University and are valid only for the individual use of active students and employees and are void if transferred between persons.
  9. Vehicles bearing defaced, altered, lost, or stolen permits will be towed/booted. Parties in possession of such permits will be ticketed for illegal permit use. The fine for illegal use of a permit is $ 200.
  10. Lost or stolen permits: If your parking permit is lost or stolen, contact Campus Access Services immediately. A written report must be filed to appeal tickets issued related to the loss, and to receive a replacement permit.
  11. PLEASE NOTE: Campus Access Services reports lost or stolen parking permits, including handicap permits, to parking and security officers. Campus Access Services tickets and tows/boots vehicles displaying lost/stolen permits, including registered vehicles of the former owner of the
    lost/stolen permit.
  12. TEMPORARY PERMITS: Temporary permits for students or employees are available only through the Campus Access Services office. Students using a vehicle on campus for ten days or less per academic year may obtain a temporary permit.

III. Parking Permit Fees:.

  • A. The registration parking fee is $140 for Resident students and $80 for commuters per student, per year, regardless of the number of vehicles registered.
  • B. A fee of $10.00 will be assessed for any lost parking permit.
  • C. Students without a regular permit can obtain Temporary Parking for $10.00 a week or $3.00 a day.
  • D. Students or Employees with a regular permit can obtain Temporary Parking for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time.
    • After two weeks, it is the owner’s responsibility to retrieve their active permit and place it in the vehicle currently being used.
    • There will be a weekly charge of $5.00 for any permits not retrieved during the 2-week time.

IV. Restricted Parking Areas:.

  • A. Vehicles parking in these areas will automatically be TICKETED, BOOTED, OR TOWED
    • In any designated fire lane
    • In front of or alongside of fire hydrant
    • On any campus roadway or on the side of any roadway
    • In any driveway/ loading area
    • In handicap areas, without a handicap pass
    • So as to create an open and obvious hazard
    • On any unpaved area or cross-hatched space
    • In or adjacent to construction/ work area or entrance
    • In any space marked in Red / Yellow
    • On any sidewalk, path, or crosswalk
    • Blocking access, in any way, to fire hydrants, sidewalks, doors, reserved service parking, bike racks or dumpsters.
    • Double parked or obstructing free access of another vehicle or pedestrians.
    • Parking on grass or anywhere outside a lined parking space that may impair public safety or damage property.
    • Parking on private residential or commercial property without the owner’s approval.
    • Designated reserved spaces (i.e., EMT, Maintenance, Resident Life Staff, No Parking)
    • PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited campus parking, we prohibit vehicle storage or possession of multiple vehicles on campus simultaneously. Non-BW Faculty, Staff, and students without permits can never leave a vehicle on campus. Any individual found using the BW parking lots to store a vehicle while not on campus may have that vehicle towed or booted. Fines may also be imposed of $25.00 per each day the vehicle is on campus.

  • B. Street Parking, City of Berea
    • There is no parking on the fire hydrant side of the street.
    • There is no overnight street parking in Berea (2-6 a.m.).
    • Please be sure to check street signs carefully for parking designations or restrictions.
    • Respect Berea residents' property. Please don't driveways or park or walk on private property.
    • Tickets issued by the City of Berea may be paid or appealed at Berea City Hall only.
    • The City of Berea has established a “Business District” which only allows parking for downtown establishments' patrons. BW faculty, staff, and students are prohibited from parking in this district while on the BW campus. Click here to see the map and rules for downtown parking.

  • C. University Market (UMKT) or Front Street Residence Halls is a Private Parking Lot
    • Parking is prohibited 24 x 7, except for those patronizing the businesses within this building.
    • Campus Access Services has been given permission to issue citations to anyone illegally parked in this lot.
  • D. St. Thomas Parking lot at 50 E. Bagley Rd.
    • Parking is no longer allowed in the St Thomas Lot.

  • E. Lot between United Methodist Church and Bakers Funeral Home
    • This is a private parking lot; no parking for BW faculty, staff, and students is strictly enforced.

  • F. St. Adalbert Church Parking lot on Adalbert St
    • Parking is no longer allowed in the St Adalbert lot.

      IMPORTANT: Towed vehicles may be recovered 24 hours a day by showing proof of ownership and making payment of towing and storage charges (cash or check) to:
      Charlie’s Towing Service
      55 Lou Groza Blvd.
      Berea, OH
      Phone: (440) 234-5300

  • G. Parking Lots Times and Allowances
    • 1. Freshmen Resident students must always park in the Fairgrounds Lot on 162-164 Eastland Road, Gate 3, by the fairgrounds. Freshmen Resident Students can never park on campus. This includes nights, weekends, holidays etc.
    • 2. Upper-class resident students may park in any student parking lot except for reserved spaces (i.e., faculty/ staff, commuter, visitor, and apartment lots). Several lots (Bonds, Union, Lang, & part of the employee section at Marting) are also designated employee-only, where upper-class residents can park between 4:30 p.m. and 7 a.m.
    • 3. Commuter students may park in any general parking lot. There are also parking spots in the Union and Kleist Parking lots designated for commuter parking only.
    • 4. BW Apartment Residents:
        • BW APARTMENT parking permits are required.
        • All university apartment parking lots are reserved for residents of that apartment address only.
        • Student tenants with BW Apartment parking permits may also park in any BW student lot.
        • If your apartment lot is full, park in the next closest available student lot.
        • Apartment Resident-only parking will be closely regulated and enforced to provide preferred parking to apartment resident permit holders.
        • Unauthorized vehicles and vehicles without the necessary BW Apartment parking permit will be towed.
        • Apartment lots are appropriately signed, and student apartment residents must inform their guests of this parking policy. Your guests are not allowed to park in apartment parking lots.
        • Guest of BW Apartment residents may park in the closest available general student parking lot. Check carefully to avoid lots designated as “no parking 2 am – 7:30 am”.
        • BW Apartment parking permits are recorded with Campus Access Services to indicate parking privileges for university apartment lots.
        • Please check your permit to be sure it is an Apartment permit. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Parking Services at (440) 826-2410.
    • 5. Employees:
        • You can park in any parking spot/lot designated as employee parking.
        • Employees cannot park in any area other than those marked employee
        • This includes but is not limited to those spots marked: visitor, student, commuter, guest of the welcome center and guest of the Union, handicapped, and service and delivery

V. General Responsibilities of Registrant

  • A. The registrant will be held responsible for any parking violations involving their vehicle.
  • B. Individuals choosing to operate or park their vehicles on campus do so at their own risk.
  • Baldwin Wallace University shall assume no responsibility or liability for vehicles while operated or parked on BW University property.
  • C. Motorists are always required to give right of way to pedestrians.
  • D. During inclement weather, it is the responsibility of all registrants to check on parking bans. Parking in certain areas may be banned to allow for snow/ice removal and enhanced safety.
  • E. Persons are not permitted to ride in the truck bed or outside a vehicle on campus at any time.

VI. Violations and Penalties

All parking citations should be paid online. Click here to pay a parking citation.

Credit Card payments can only be made online. Click here to make a credit card payment.

Parking Services reserves the right to back-issue any citations to vehicles reported in visitor spots and not issued a citation at the time of the citing.

BW Parking Services is authorized to:

  • impose fines for parking regulation violations
  • cause the removal of vehicles in violation at the operator or owner's expense
  • immobilize (boot) the vehicle
  • refer the matter to disciplinary action or any combination thereof
  • issue citations without the attendant present through our office, based on the documentation sent via fax, email, or phone

If the ticketing process has begun and the vehicle's owner moves the vehicle, the citation will still be added to the owner’s account.

  • A. The operation and parking of a vehicle on campus property is a privilege and Baldwin Wallace University reserves the right to make and enforce regulations in the best interest of the University community. Parking privileges may be denied or suspended at any time.
  • B. All parking citations not paid or appealed within ten days of issuance will be transferred to your BW student account. All employees’ unpaid parking tickets will be deducted from their monthly or bi-weekly paycheck.
  • C. Persistent violators of parking regulations will be referred to the Student Life Office and the student conduct process.
  • D. Citation Fines increase incrementally after the 4th citation. 5th- $50, 6th - $75, 7th- $100
  • E. Those who receive more than seven citations may have their vehicle towed or immobilized
  • F. FINES
    1. Parking: no parking permit and not a registered student, improper display, unauthorized lot, posted or reserved space, other: $15
    2. Safety: obstructing drive/walk, double parked, other: $25
    3. Registered student with no permit: $75
    4. Handicap Access: $100
    5. Unidentified vehicles not registered with our office and receiving at least two citations are automatically immobilized (booted). Please make sure that your guests are reporting any citations they may receive.


    6. Red Curb: $100
    7. Illegal Use of Permit: $200

      NOTE: Citations carry over from semester to semester, year to year

  • G. Parking citations may be paid using cash, check or flex dollars at Campus Access Services. We cannot accept credit card payments.

VII. General Vehicle Operation Provision

  • A. Improperly parked disabled vehicles must be reported to the Campus Access Services immediately, along with plans for removal. Owners must have disabled vehicles removed or will be subject to ticketing and/or booting and towing.
  • B. The University will use reasonable and prudent judgment to locate the owner of an unused or abandoned vehicle. Vehicles with evidence of non-use left on campus property may be towed away, and expenses will be charged against the registered owner. Any vehicle without a valid license plate will be considered abandoned and removed from University property.

VIII. Appeal Process

Appeals must be submitted online within ten days at A Campus Access Services staff member reviews appeals and eliminates those citing invalid reasons.

Employees cannot use this sign-off procedure. All Employees must personally appeal their citations. The sign-off procedure is only for guests and visitors of the university.

The Director reviews the remaining appeals.

  • Appeals are granted if citations are in error or appeals include a documented emergency.
  • Appeal decisions arrive via BW email, and decisions are final.
  • We do not bill or expect payment for tickets under appeal.

If the appeal is denied, tickets are applied to the student STAR account or deducted from employee’s paycheck.

PLEASE NOTE: The following are NOT valid reasons for appeal:

  • Ignorance of regulations
  • No recollection of citation
  • Lack of available parking near the destination
  • Lateness of arrival
  • Inability to pay
  • Improper parking by others

Guest and Visitor Tickets- Sign off Procedure (Appeal Process)

  • Citations issued to campus visitors can be dismissed by bringing the citation to our office. The back of the citation must be marked with the department’s name, the person requesting the dismissal, and the name or description of the visitor.
  • Citations issued to guests or students can be dismissed by presenting the citation to our office. The back of the citation must be marked with the guest’s name, student’s name, and Colleague number. Students who have guests on campus more than eight times, may be asked not to park on campus property between 8 am and 6 pm. Students are responsible for all citations their guests receive, and any citations not reported to our office may be transferred to the student's account for payment. A request may be made of some “guests” or students’ visitors for proof of ownership.

Click here to download the Baldwin Wallace University Vehicle & Parking Regulations.